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3 Styles, 3 Atmospheres

Whatever the formula chosen, the repertoire remains the same, only the arrangements differ.

Our directory can be downloaded at the bottom of the page

Trio formula- Piano, Vocals, Drums (2 hour performance)

It is the ideal formula for a cocktail, a reception, or places with limited reception capacities. 

Jazzy/Pop sounds

Foursome formula- Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals (2h30 performance)

An intermediate formula for small village festivals or guinguettes. 

Pop/Rock Sounds

Quintuor Formula- Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, keyboard (3 hour performance)

This is THE formula for major events: end-of-year galas, New Years parties, major village festivals, wedding parties.

Pop/Festive Sounds

Download our setlist below

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