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Weddings and ceremonies

We accompany you during your event (wedding, baptism, secular ceremony) to make this day an unforgettable moment.


We animate your wine of honor and / or dinner in a friendly and completely personalized atmosphere.


For a cocktail party between collaborators requiring an elegant and hushed atmosphere or a convivial and warm "team building" evening, we adapt to the atmosphere you want to give to your event.

Private Parties

Do you want to offer a group at home to celebrate a birthday or other occasion? It's entirely possible.


Idylle Trio is an acoustic group, which allows a reduced volume and a small adaptable training in a living room or any room.

    We are a small group, which allows a reduced volume and a small formation adaptable in a living room or any living room.


Bars, Restaurants and Campsites

As a professional, collaborating with Idylle Trio will offer your customers an intimate show in a chic and warm atmosphere.

Whether for one-off events or regular concerts (residences), we adapt, in collaboration with you, our directory in order to offer your clients a tailor-made service.


We move within a radius of 80kms around Toulouse (about 1 hour drive).

In the event of more distant services, certain specific provisions may be put in place.

Périmètre Idylle Trio

* IMPORTANT : Pour pouvoir animer Vin d'Honneur + Repas, le lieu doit être strictement le même.


En effet, nous ne pouvons pas bouger le matériel pour passer d'un endroit à l'autre : il faudrait décharger et monter la scène à l'endroit du VH, puis démonter, déplacer et remonter la scène sur le lieu du Repas, refaire les balances du son etc, le tout devant les invités et mariés, ce qui en plus d'être très compliqué techniquement, n'est pas du tout professionnel.